The way I work

My training is in Psychosynthesis counselling, an integrative model that works respectfully with all aspects of ourselves: mind, body, feelings and the transpersonal. I hold an optimistic view of the human condition and believe that we all have the capacity to access our resilience and wisdom. Essential to my work, is the view that through every challenge and crisis something new is trying to emerge.

Considering our difficulties as opportunities to discover meaning, purpose and direction can be empowering. Even in the midst of suffering, it is possible to make sense of our experience, challenge our unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours, and make healthier choices.

Along with straightforward dialogue, I sometimes introduce simple tools and creative techniques such as guided imagery, journaling, meditation and drawing.

I also make use of some CBT and Gestalt therapy techniques, where appropriate.

Before training to be a counsellor I worked for many years in the theatre and in the creative industries. Perhaps due to this experience, I particularly value the healing and transformation that can occur when we find the courage to share our story. It is a privilege to witness and support those who trust me with their stories.